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Are FTMs credit card readers secure?

What happens if an item doesn't vend correctly?

Your method of payment will not be charged unless item vends and falls to retrieval tray. 

What are your payment options?

The FTM card reader (eport G11) operates under the highest level of PCI compliance and security standards in the industry. USAT is certified by the VISA C.I.S.P program and as an additional security measure, all ePort hardware passed the documented requirements for a PCI level 1 audit regularly. 

Any credit or debit cards, apple pay, or google pay. No cash is accepted at any location. 

How do I suggest an item to be offered in an FTM?

On the home page you can fill out and submit the contact FTM section with suggestions. Also each machine has a QR code to scan for suggestions. 

Why was my card charged for more than what I spent?

This extra charge you may see is temporary, it's called an authorization hold. It typically lasts 1-2 days and is a common occurrence for many credit or debit card transactions. 

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