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2 Ideas for boredom

With the world at a stand still because of the Covid-19 virus, where does that leave you? Hopefully safe and not in the hospital! If you are safe, then you maybe be sitting around wondering how you can make the best of this time. Here are some ideas to keep you busy.

Get Organized

Now is the time to take your boat, yak or back pack apart and go through everything! You may have broken gear, tangled or rusty hooks or even just need to take an inventory of what you have.

Once you have it all out, its time to get organized! Do some internet searches on how other anglers are storing their tackle. This could give you hopeful insight on what we all struggle with. Next see what's new in tackle organization, may I suggest the Fambeau Outdoors Ike I-Quotient Box's? Honestly these are the easiest and most effiecient way or storing hooks and terminal tackle. Or any Flambeau Max Series waterproof boxes. Going to waterproof boxes will cut down on the amount off lost tackle from rust form use this year and ultimately make next years tackle organizing a lot smoother!

Brush Up On Your Maps

If you have a smart phone(if you do not then I have nothing for you) then you are ready to search the lakes looking for that next fishing spot. Download the Fishidy App and sign up as a member. Doing so will get you all access to all the feature of this app. Once you sign up you are ready! You can search lakes in you area or in other states. You can check depths, contours, and structure. You can also get tips and hotspots from other anglers who may have fished that same lake, which will give you a place to start. It will also give you the weather and the lures that were used in those hotspots. This is super informative and simple so stop binge watching the Tiger King!

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