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Jackall Cross Tail Shad Watermelon 4in

Jackall Cross Tail Shad Watermelon 4in

SKU: #001835

The Jackall Crosstail Shad was the very first soft plastic bait developed specifically for drop shotting. Since its introduction to the bass fishing world in 1999 the Crosstail shad has been a staple for Japanese anglers. The Crosstail Shad has now been made available to the United States and should be in every serious bass fisherman's arsenal. Jackall's Cross Tail Shad was designed to match the natural characteristics of baitfish throughout the country. This 4" soft plastic bait has the profile and action of baitfish when fished correctly. The Cross Tail Shad has a rounded large head that blends into the slender top side of the body giving it the realistic action that fish desire. This bait is extremely effective when nose hooked on a drop shot rig and fishing it around suspended fish that are near balls of bait. The Jackall Cross Tail Shad comes in a variety of fish catching colors that are salt impregnated to give anglers confidence when fishing is tough. The Crosstail Shad is hand poured and is the perfect drop shot bait! Kota Kiriyama drop shotted suspended fish over 30-90 feet with the Jackall Crosstail Shad, A.K.A. Crazy Ninja Worm, en route to his first B.A.S.S. Elite Series victory at Lake Erie. Package Contents : 8 Per Pack

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